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Do I look like Kim K yet?! Let’s talk contouring!

Since I’ve been blogging on Instagram & ADDICTED to Youtube the contouring craze really has gone mad! Like ridiculously. I was in Superdrug the other day and there were girls which I’d say were about 12 talking about contouring – When did this happen?! What has Kim K done?! When I was 12 me and my friend Emily used to think we looked great with the cakey-est, thickest foundation we could get our hands on and eyeliner that would make Avril Lavigne quiver!

contour together

Now, when I heard about contouring I literally had no idea what it was. So let’s just make this clear from the start. Contouring is basically just building shadows on your face and helps give the appearance of a different shape than it actually is. It can slim the face down, give you killer cheek bones and can completely change what you look like! However, contouring is something that I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with. I’m not a trained make up artist, I’m self taught (from about 1000000 hours on youtube watching the latest and greatest) and in my blogs I talk about my experiences with make up and take in information for other make up and beauty gurus too.

Contouring is great for photos, it’s great if you’re doing  photo-shoot, or  like many of us you’re in your room posing for a killer selfie for Instagram! But, when it comes to the cold light of day, and the sun is beaming down on you, more often than not I think it’s so obvious and doesn’t look great! So be careful, the great people who do Kims Make up (@makeupbymario on Insta) is at the top of his game, he’s a pro, he has the best tools, perfected products for her skin and of course she is the selfie queen, so when it comes to angles and lighting she knows exactly where to position herself to look amazing!


open contour

When you’re looking for a contour powder it should be a ‘cold’ colour. So when you look at it, it shouldn’t look really orangey and glowing, instead  it should have a grey tinge to it, a more dull colour. This colour helps to give the effect of shadow on your face.  It also needs to be matte, you don’t want that ‘shadow’ shimmering around the place.

Let's talk about contouring

My favourite are the powders, you can get creams too but that’s for another day:

Too Faced Chocolate Soleil in Milk Chocolate – I get mine from Debenhams £25 (Great for pale skin tones)

Benefit Cosmetics Hoola -£23.50 Both of these are completely matte (no sparkle) and are the cold colours I was talking about earlier.

contour brush

You’re going to need a brush to do this, this isn’t something you can put on with your hands. I use the Eco Tools tapered blush brush – Yuuup, using a brush which was made for a different purpose, I do this A LOT!

Less is more, build up the colour and BLEND! Please blend in that big line on your face, I promise it’ll look better once you’ve blended it, and if it doesn’t, go over the top of it with your foundation brush.

Don’t expect to be transformed into Kim K first time you try it, well actually ever. You’ll still look like you, and you is beautiful, just with some more pronounced cheek bones – and that can’t hurt! oh and finally, I think its easier for everyone if I direct you to a tutorial on YouTube by the amazing Jaclyn Hill than try and talk you through a ‘how to’. 
See you soon, Beth x

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Beth Thomas • June 21, 2015

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