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Face Contouring | Tanya Burr Rosy Flush Cheek Palette

Face Contouring | Beth Eleanor

Face Contouring Best Affordable Products For Pale Skin If you’re looking for an affordable kit for face contouring, I have the perfect product for you, the Tanya Burr rosy flush cheek palette! When I saw it on a shelf in Superdrug, I just knew this was something I was going to have to get. Contouring…

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Best brushes

How to up your make up game | Must have brushes

Where to begin? Firstly to say that make up definitely, 100%, looks better when it’s been applied with make up brushes instead of your fingers. There are hundred of different brands of brushes that you could buy, trust me I’ve been through quite a few and from the ones I’ve tried, here are my favourites…

Anastasia Beverly Hills | What’s all the hype about?

Since starting Instagram and my love for make up grew, I found that everyone I followed on Youtube & Instagram were always talking about Anastasia Beverly Hills products. Specifically, her contour kits…


June Favourites

I know we’re nearly into mid July but better late than never right? I’ve been away on holidays and am currently looking for a full time job so I’m a little behind… I want to talk about my June favourites, I want to try not to talk about my holy grail products, but as this is my first…

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Contouring’s out. Enter strobing!

So, I’m sure you’ve heard or you’ve seen this photo…    Apparently, contouring is out and strobing is in!  However, as long as Kim K is rocking the look I doubt this is true. But Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube is telling us it’s now all about the strobe. What is strobing I hear you ask, in…

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Do I look like Kim K yet?! Let’s talk contouring!

Since I’ve been blogging on Instagram & ADDICTED to Youtube the contouring craze really has gone mad! Like ridiculously. I was in Superdrug the other day and there were girls which I’d say were about 12 talking about contouring – When did this happen?! What has Kim K done?! When I was 12 me and…

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