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Anastasia Beverly Hills | What’s all the hype about?

Since starting Instagram and my love for make up grew, I found that everyone I followed on Youtube & Instagram were always talking about Anastasia Beverly Hills products. Specifically, her contour kits…


Eyebrows – when did they become so important?

When you’re in school and some boys give you the nickname eyebrows, because you look like you don’t have any, you start to get a bit paranoid you know? People are mean and although the culprits won’t even remember doing it, it’s stuck with me for 12 years now!


June Favourites

I know we’re nearly into mid July but better late than never right? I’ve been away on holidays and am currently looking for a full time job so I’m a little behind… I want to talk about my June favourites, I want to try not to talk about my holy grail products, but as this is my first…

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