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Best brushes

How to up your make up game | Must have brushes

Where to begin? Firstly to say that make up definitely, 100%, looks better when it’s been applied with make up brushes instead of your fingers. There are hundred of different brands of brushes that you could buy, trust me I’ve been through quite a few and from the ones I’ve tried, here are my favourites…

The best foundation from a drugstore

Affordable, amazing foundation

Today I was all set to upload a blog I’d written a few weeks ago claiming that foundations are something you should splash out on, and that if you wanted quality you need to pay for it. But I am happy to admit I was completely wrong! I’ve found an amazing foundation and it’s under…

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Eyebrows – when did they become so important?

When you’re in school and some boys give you the nickname eyebrows, because you look like you don’t have any, you start to get a bit paranoid you know? People are mean and although the culprits won’t even remember doing it, it’s stuck with me for 12 years now!


June Favourites

I know we’re nearly into mid July but better late than never right? I’ve been away on holidays and am currently looking for a full time job so I’m a little behind… I want to talk about my June favourites, I want to try not to talk about my holy grail products, but as this is my first…

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