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SVS Lashes

If you’re thinking about getting eyelash extensions, but are on the fence, you are in the right place!

I have become addicted to them, firstly, because of the time it saves me in the morning getting ready, and taking off my makeup at night – I do not miss trying to get that stubborn mascara off my lashes every night! And secondly, because whenever I have them on all everyone does is say how great they look – we all love a compliment every now and again!

Before we start, yes, I work for Nouveau Lashes, and I have not tried any other lash extensions, so here’s my review, with pictures for you to see what you think and help you make up your own mind.

I have had SVS done 3 times, and while I’m writing this, in around 6 months this is the only time I’ve had no lashes on – see what I mean about the addiction?

I’m going to let some photos do the talking for you to see for yourself…

SVS Lashes Nouveau Lashes - Beth Eleanor

These lashes are not one extension onto of one of your own lashes, fans are created out of the lashes and those are then put on your one individual lash. This helps them to look super full and fluttery! Also, when they’re falling out (with your natural lashes – your lash cycle is 6-8 weeks!) as they’re fanned it isn’t as obvious.

SVS Lashes Nouveau Lashes - Beth Eleanor

Here’s me just being top poser…

SVS Lashes Nouveau Lashes - Beth Eleanor

Each time I’ve had my lashes done, it’s been by the lovely Carrie Fuell (if you’re in the LincLn area, I’d 100% recommend her, she’s amazing! Check out her Facebook here). She also has amazing cats, here’s Thore looking after me while I have my SVS lashes.


I’ve got lots of photos of me having SVS, here’s one with one eye done and the other not, to fully see the difference and impact. Aaaah – writing this makes me want it again!

SVS Lashes Nouveau Lashes - Beth Eleanor before and after

The amount of volume you want is down to you. SVS can take up to two hours, for a really full look, or less for more natural.


These lashes are so lightweight you won’t even know they’re there! They last around 4-6 weeks but I would suggest infills when they’re starting to look sparse.

You can find somewhere near you that does the treatment on Nouveau Lashes salon finder.

In the nature of transparency, twice I have had SVS done for a promo video for Nouveau Lashes (which you can watch here) and once I paid myself.

I also vlogged it:

Have you tried SVS yet?! *runs to salon finder*

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Beth Thomas • January 29, 2017

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