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Spectrum Mean Girls Makeup Brushes

Spectrum Mean Girls Makeup Brushes

As if I was invited to London last week to the Spectrum launch of their new collaboration with Paramount Pictures – The Mean Girls Makeup Brush Collection!

Told that the dress code was to wear pink – no duuuh, when we arrived we realised that the attention to detail to Mean Girls was UNREAL.

Spectrum Mean Girls Launch


After some cocktails in Tonight Josephine (If you haven’t visited yet, you must!)


Tonight Josephine London

and getting changed in some dimly lit toilet, we were in the Uber and good to go. Practicing the film quotes on the way there with Claudia, we were ready!

You’re a Mean Girl!

When we arrived we saw a huge Burn Book in the window and a load of paparazzi outside the venue. When the driver asked if he should come round and open the door for us, we obviously agreed and pretendedĀ to be someone famous as we arrived and posed at the press wall.

Spectrum Mean Girls Makeup Brushes

We were met by Regina George’s mom, handing us a cocktail telling us she’s a cool mom. There were actors dressed as main members of the cast who were in character all night! (and it was bloody boiling, poor Damian)

Mean Girls Spectrum Collections

Put it in the book

The whole room was decked out in full Mean Girls glory, there was a life size Burn Book, because why not?! You could stick your Photo Booth images in and write your own messages there, by the end of the night it was full of ridiculous quotes and pictures – Apparently the Spectrum Sisters aren’t even really sisters!?

Mean Girls Spectrum Collections

Is any party complete without a Photo Booth nowadays?

Mean Girls Spectrum Collections

Excuse some of the phone pictures… The lockers were decked out with Spectrum brushes, burn books and all things Mean Girls. There was also amazing drinks from Unicorn Tears, cute sweets from Candy Kittens and I do not know who did the little cakes but they were out of this world!

Spectrum Mean Girls Makeup Brushes

The new brushes are unreal, with each having its very own infamous Mean Girls quote on it, could this brand get any cooler?!

Spectrum Mean Girls Makeup Brushes

The Mean Girls collection is launching on the 30th of August, only on the Spectrum website – Get it in the diary, set a countdown, you know the deal!

Spectrum Collections Mean Girls Brushes

There are 10 brushes in the collections, all pictured above. And you can see the Burn Book in a picture further up. I believe you can buy the burn book on it’s own and also buy it with the brushes in. You can see more information on their website and Instagram.

Spectrum Mean Girls Makeup Brushes- Your Like, Really Pretty – A05

Spectrum Mean Girls Makeup Brushes- You can Walk Home Bitches -A01

Spectrum Collections Mean Girls Brushes

Spectrum Collections Mean Girls Brushes

Spectrum Mean Girls Makeup Brushes – She Doesn’t Even Go Here – B01

Thanks to Sophie & Hannah for the invite to what was the greatest night ever, can’t wait to see what’s next to come! It was so lovely to be in the middle of London & hear so many Welsh voices too!

You can click here to seeĀ what I thought of the other Spectrum brushes in this previous blog post.



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Beth Thomas • July 30, 2017

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