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Ivy Park | Beth Eleanor

Ivy Park Range Preview | Beth Eleanor

Ivy Park Preview Event | Topshop Cardiff

If you, like me, are slightly obsessed with Beyonce (aren’t we all?!) when you heard about the Ivy Park collection you did a little dance!

Beyonce Ivy Park

Beyonce Ivy Park

So when I bagged myself an invite to a preview event for bloggers in Topshop I was so excited, even if it was at 7:30am in Cardiff, an hours drive away from me.

Anyway, I arranged to meet Mimi from Dat Blog Doe there, I call her the secret blogger as I’ve known her years and only recently found out she has a blog!

We got there a little late (fashionably late?) and were escorted upstairs, past the lovely Ivy Park range which was front and center in the Topshop store.

There we were with around 15 other Welsh bloggers. We were told all about the Ivy Park clothing range. One thing I liked is that apparently, Beyonce played a huge role in creating the collection, for Beyonce’s tours she rehearses in her Ivy Park range. It’s so great to hear that celebrities aren’t just putting their name to something and not having any other input in it, and that actually she has spent a lot of time and effort perfecting each piece.

We also had a quick chat about their new makeup products, which obviously I was excited about. I tried their contour stick and highlight, they’re cream stick products, the highlight is pretty but reminded me of the one from Collection (speedy highlighter) which will be a lot cheaper.

Topshop Contour Wand

Topshop Highlight Stick

Anyway, back to my girl, Bey.

After the makeup tutorial, we all went down to the shop floor where we went to have a closer look at the range in the store. Can you imagine having the whole of Topshop to yourself?! It was amazing.

Ivy Park Range

There were some obvious key pieces in the range that we all seemed to gravitate to, the body suit for one, it’s so pretty and super amazing, but not sure I’d wear that for a run!

Ivy Park

Also, the hat! Uh let’s talk about the hat! I’be never been a hat person but I loved it, and judging by this photo (courtesy of Dat Blog Doe) so did everyone else.

Ivy Park Welsh Bloggers Topshop

The clothing sizes were on the small size, I tried a pair of small leggings and they would not fit at all, the medium was a great fit though (but very long), I’m 5’3 and normally a size 8 on the bottom.

Ivy Park Beth Eleanor

I tried on two outfits which i liked, the leggings were quite high wasted which i thought was great for gym wear (The sizes on the leggings were either I, V or Y and these dictated how high they sat), well actually any clothing. I’m loving high wasted stuff at the moment, it sucks you in and makes your silhouette look amazing!

Ivy Park | Beth Eleanor

Ivy Park | Beth Eleanor & Dat Blog Doe

Topshop also told us the now have a personal stylist/shopper service now in the Cardiff store which I will definitely be making use of!

A lot of the range I wasn’t a huge fan of (controversial), whatever Bey sells will be a huge hit no matter what, but I felt there were a lot of plain pieces with huge Ivy Park text on the front which isn’t my thing.

Ivy Park | Beth Eleanor
The leggings did feel good but were £48 which i thought was a bit much for me to fork out on, but I’m currently running in Primark gear so maybe I should style it up with the help of Queen B!

So, when I was there I was whatsapping my friends and they were asking about the shaping technology in them, i didn’t notice it at the time but looking at this ridiculous photo now, my bum is not normally like this, so thumbs up on this one!

Ivy Park | Beth Eleanor

Hope you enjoyed this little read and you’ll come back soon!

Have you bought anything from the range yet? You can check out all the pieces here >The Full Range at Topshop

Ivy Park | Beth Eleanor IMG_1552 Ivy Park | Beth Eleanor Ivy Park | Beth Eleanor

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See you soon,

Beth Eleanor x

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Beth Thomas • April 17, 2016

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