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How to up your make up game | Must have brushes

Where to begin? Firstly to say that make up definitely, 100%, looks better when it’s been applied with make up brushes instead of your fingers.

There are hundred of different brands of brushes that you could buy, trust me I’ve been through quite a few and from the ones I’ve tried, here are my favourites…

Most of my favourites are Real Techniques, this is a brand of brushes – It was created by two sisters, Sam & Nik. They are famous make up artists and Youtubers, so know exactly what you need to make your make up look even better. These brushes are sold online & at Boots (Boots is a drugstore in the UK).

They have loads of tutorials showing you how they use the brushes, and they are so, so, so well priced. They do their more basic brushes, some of which I couldn’t live without, and earlier this year, brought out a more expensive line called bold metals. For the every day person their more affordable brushes are amazing. I always recommend these to anyone who asks.


For foundation I use the Real Techniques buffing brush, this brush changed my whole make up game. Once the base of your face is right the whole look changes and looks so much better.

If you don’t wear foundation or a tinted moisturiser, BB cream etc and want to try changing up your make up look I’d reccomend buying one and see the changes it makes.


For my eyebrows (eye brows really help shape your face. I’ve done a whole blog on them, not seen it? Click here to catch up!) I use a super cheap brush from a discount make up store in Mcarthur Glen – anyone from South Wales will know it. It’s an angled brush and I rather this over my Mac brush I used to use. This is way more sturdy and gets the brows right every time.

Eye shadow

You can not wear eye shadow if you don’t own a blending brush (just my opinion). Honestly. If you just do one colour all over your lid I’ll let you off, but you try and do a smokey eye with the little brush that comes with the eye shadow and I promise you if you had the right brushes it would look 1000000 better. Here’s an example.

Blending just means to get rid of the outline you see in the left photo. Obviously this is just one colour but if you do a smokey eye you need a blending brush, my favourite is the Real Techniques blending brush.

Concealer & Highlighting (creams)

I don’t personally think you need a brush. I use one, but if you just wanted to get a few staple ones that’ll up your game I’d say to leave this one in the shopping cart.


if you want to contour (not bronze) contour, which means to make a shadow, to basically make you look like you have more prominent cheekbones then you’ll be needing a brush. I’ve talked about this one before in my Do I look like Kim K yet? blog


Unless it’s a cream you’re going to need a brush, and if it is a cream I’d advise going over the top of the blusher or around the edged with your foundation brush (without adding any extra product, so it’s just the remainder of the foundation left on it) I’m sure we can ALL picture that someone with huge lines or circles of bright pink blusher, and it’s not my favouite look- If you like it, you keep doing it, keep being you. If you don’t want that look dull it down a bit with your foundation brush.
This is the Real Techniques blush brush.


Make up says on a lot better with a powder over the top, so for staying powder you’re going to need a brush to apply that powder. I use the Real Technique dual fibre face brush.


These are my must have brushes, what are yours?

Which will you be getting first?

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Speak soon,
Beth xx

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Beth Thomas • August 16, 2015

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  1. prettylittlestatement August 17, 2015 - 12:03 am Reply

    Great post 🙂

    • betheleanorbeauty August 17, 2015 - 6:47 am Reply

      Thank you xxx

  2. meganadelexo August 17, 2015 - 4:58 am Reply

    Great post! How much approximately do you reckon the real technique brushes are?
    Also, would you mind checking out my blog, share thoughts etc? would be highly appreciated. xx

    • Anon August 22, 2015 - 10:52 pm Reply

      The real techniques core collection are half price in boots at the moment (around £11 for what I think is four brushes and a stand/carry case). Not sure how long for, so you might want to slgrab yourself a set asap just to be on the safe side!

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