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Dimensions De Chanel Mascara Review

Dimensions De Chanel Mascara Review

When I see links floating around the internet for freebies, especially if it’s makeup related, I get excited! So, imagine my delight when I saw Chanel were giving away samples of their brand new mascara, dimensions de chanel, and my excitment of then trying and writting a Dimensions  De Chanel mascara review.

I ordered a Dimensions De Chanel mascara, shared it on my Facebook page  so that all you makeup lovers could get one too and then put it to the back of my mind and completely forgot about it.

A few weeks later at work i got a text from Linda with a picture of the mascara, and then a flood of pictures on my Facebook and that’s when I realised today was the day!

Dimensions De Chanel Mascara Review

I opened mine as soon as I got home and saw a teeny tiny sample sized mascara, and did wonder if the sample would have enough product for me to really test out the Dimensions De Chanel mascara. – It was. – I have been loving this mascara!

Dimensions De Chanel mascara Review

I’ve been using the Dimensions De Chanel mascara for nearly 2 weeks now, (I can’t believe the tiny sample has lasted that long!) and i love it.

Day 1 I was a little heavy handed and my lashes ended up as a bit of a clumpy mess. The next day I used less product and applied it differently, and the results have my lashes looking so long.

I have always been the one to say that high street brands are just as good (except for foundations) and I wouldn’t splurge on a high end mascara, but this is making me want to change my mind.

Dimensions De Chanel Mascara Review

I recently read an article about psychology in marketing and how you almost feel obliged to buy from a brand if they send you something for free – and this seems to be happening right now, I guess that article was right!

Hope you enjoyed my Cimensions De Chanel mascara review, let me know what you think of your mascara & what your favourite ever mascara is.

Love, Beth Eleanor x

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Beth Thomas • May 30, 2016

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