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Blogger Swap Box Collaboration with La Blog Beautè

Who would have thought buying someone else makeup would be so fun? When Beth & I decided to do the blogger swap box I was instantly excited to get stuck in, I love buying makeup for myself so knew buying for someone else would be fun too (but also felt a little pressured not to mess it up!!)

£20 affordable beauty

I wanted to put a lot of thought and effort into my blogger box and with a £20 budget, decided I’d visit Boots, Superdrug, Primark & New Look to find the perfect gifts for Beth.

So after spending far too much time shopping, wrapping and writing personal notes on each item, my box, well envelope, was ready to send.

Here it is, in all its glory!

Swap Box

So mine came, and it was BIG. I carefully unwrapped the box and opened it to this… (minus the lights)

Blogger Swap Box | Beth Eleanor

When I opened the box everything was so prettily wrapped with individual notes on why Beth bought these for me, it was all so sweet and was so nice to see that she’d obviousy put just as much thought into it as I did.

I’ve been really ill all week and when I had this through the door on Saturday it got me out of bed, which was an achievement in itself!

Inside the blogger swap box

I opened the box and inside were five cutely wrapped items…

13016489_10156808838610402_1635392542_o (1)

First up…

Makeup Revolution Palette

This palette is full of shimmers and mattes and I know Makeup Revolution are great palettes to have, their shadow products are all so good too!

This one is there Redemption palette in Iconic 1.

I own quite a bit from MUR, from what I’ve found shadows, highlights, blush palettes etc are all great but their foundations, concealers, lipsticks aren’t so great.

So, next time you’re in Superdrug take a look at their stuff.

Indie really enjoyed the whole process too..

13016805_10156804916005402_2095949935_o (1)



Now can we all take a moment to acknowledge just how pretty and pigmented this shadow is please?!

How beautiful. I never, ever, buy individual shadows unless they’re from Mac, I always buy palettes so I never would have picked this up! So thank goodness we’ve done the blogger swap!

It’s so beautifully pigmented I can’t quite believe it, it’s the seventeen eye shadow in Statuesque. I know this is something I’ll be reaching for a lot! I wore this on my eyes today and it stayed on all day and has a pinky undertone.



Now this lipstick is not something I’d ever buy as it has a shimmer running through it and I didn’t own anything like this until now. This is the Rimmel London lipstick in 340. It’s a cool toned lipstick and the jury is out on this one, I’ll get back to you after I’ve given it a go!


Next up, another product from Makeup Revolution. I have wanted this product for so long and have heard so many great things about this highlight from makeup revolution.

This one is the golden lights baked highlight.

Swatches of this will be up on my Instagram soon. It’s quite a yellow highlight which it does not look like if you didn’t swatch it but seems to really reflect the light and give a great glow (to the back of my hand) I’m too ill to put makeup on my face but will be updating on theses products on my Instagram and YouTube if you want to see more about them.

*Update – I wore this on the top of my cheek bones today & it’s a good ‘un!



Yay another highlighter!

I think I’m quite late on the highlighter bandwagon, but I’m now well and truly on board!

This highlighter is so lovely, it applies in a creamy texture and is much more peachy toned than the baked highlighter. I recently went to the Ivy Park Preview event (read more about that here) and we had a quick preview of their new makeup products. This looks quite similar to their new highlight, but I’m sure this will be much more affordable!

With spring summer just about here, I can not wait to get my glow on with this!


Last up is this MUA pro base prime and conceal palette, I don’t think I own anything from MUA so I’m excited to try this. The colours around the outside are colour correcters and the concealer is in the middle (I think). Unfortunately, this concealer is too dark for my ridiculously pale skin but I’m intrigued about the colour corrector and will let you know how these go! I’ve always had really pinky cheeks and I know that green is supposed to correct this so keep posted for an update.

The best bits


Over all my favourites of the blogger swap box are definitely these and I know I’ll be reaching for these a lot coming into Spring Summer. So you should be able to see my glow coming before you hear me (yeah right!)

Here are my lovely makeup products all together.

I’ve got some brands I know and love, some new and some that I had forgotten about, so I can’t wait to feel better and plaster these all over my face. I post on Instagram almost daily so that’ll be the best place to find out about these in action.

Head over to Beths blog to see what I bought her in the blogger swap box…



Hope you’ve enjoyed my review of my blogger swap box and thanks to Beth at La Blog Beaute for doing such an amazing job!

You know where to find me…






See you soon,


Love Beth x


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Beth Thomas • April 20, 2016

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  1. Amy May 30, 2016 - 9:24 am Reply

    This is such a good idea – what can be better than getting to try out new and different products, not knowing what you’ve got sounds really exciting! 🙂 x

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