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Anastasia Beverly Hills | What’s all the hype about?

Since starting Instagram and my love for make up grew, I found that everyone I followed on Youtube & Instagram were always talking about Anastasia Beverly Hills products.

Specifically, her contour kits…

Contour Kit

The first thing was her power contour kit, I found it on Cult Beauty and thought I’d order it to see what all the fuss was about. It was £39, it contains 3 highlight powders and 3 contour colours, I bought mine in light. 

The powders are so pigmented, so you don’t have to use much, which is a good job because the contour kit is tiny!!!

When I got mine I thought they’d send me the wrong order, but the more I see about it online when people get it for the first time they think the same too.

Here’s a comparison next to my hand, and for anyone who knows me will know that I have child hands, so this is very small.

For me, I wouldn’t repurchase it, people like it when I’m doing their make up and use it because they’ve heard of the brand and know it’s a good quality product. I don’t use the highlighting colours though, I like to highlight under my eyes and my forehead with my concealer, I think it gives a nicer finish as I like it more dewy.

Contour Cream Kit

For the cream contour, I had a nightmare. I ordered it from America – Mistake number 1! I got absolutely killed on the postage, and then had a note through my door from the postman saying there were unpaid charges. I ended up paying nearly £40 for postage and packaging 🙁 . DON’T ORDER FROM AMERICA, I wont be doing that again any time soon!!

So back to the product… This, again, is really pigmented and when people ask for a strong contour, they automatically think of this photo of Kim K  

 This looks great if they’re watching what I’m doing because their make up is like hers (& who doesn’t want to be Kim?!) However, I don’t love it.

It’s really thick so hard to use and spread the product. Again, I only use the darker shades because the cream highlights are so thick I don’t think they look great under the eyes. I think it could be great if the product was a bit thinner, I’m going to buy some Mac fix + spray to use with it, you spray it on the brush before putting it in the product and it helps to thin it out, you can also use it with eyeshadows to make them more pigmented.


Have you tried any of the products? What do you think is good for contouring? I talked about my favourite products to contour with on a previous blog.

I’m now going to be posting every Sunday, what sort of things would you like to read about?
Speak soon,

Beth x



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Beth Thomas • August 2, 2015

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